"Enhancing Identity and Community Through Sports Since 1994"
Welcome to the Melrose High School Athletic Hall of Fame Website


The Hall of Fame was established in 1994 with the goal of establishing a sense of community identity and pride to the students at Melrose High School by celebrating more a century of rich traditions of athletic achievements.   
We are not just passing along stories of great athleticism and victory, but more importantly, thru athletics, we are passing along examples of leadership, fair play, commitment, perseverance, teamwork and time management that each class of inductees and all student-athletes, regardless of athletic ability, can bring with them off the fields of play and into the classrooms and beyond. It’s our belief that athletics is education and these skills can be applied to all aspects of life. The members of the Hall of Fame have done just that and along the way, displayed exemplary sportsmanship and represented Melrose with pride and poise.
Our organization is a private, non-profit dedicated to preserving common memories. Most of us have memories associated with high school athletics. As parents, students, athletes or coaches, we all have relatively short direct contact with high school athletics, but the home team becomes a constant. The association, aspirations and sense of identity it provides is the same for all generations.
To honor this tradition, the Hall of Fame is permanently housed in the Middle School gymnasium. Each spring, new inductees are honored with a plaque with his or her picture and a summary of their contributions and achievements. The student and the people honored share not only a common high school, but the dreams and aspirations of youth.
Our inductees are honored with a banquet and induction ceremony, where the inductees' family and friends get to see their plaque unveiled in our Hall of Fame.
The Hall of Fame has a selection committee  solicits and collects nominations for inductions and meets for several months of fact checking and discussions before making some very difficult choices. It’s a painstaking process that involves a great deal of dedication and commitment, but every year their dedication pays off. Nominations for induction are solicited by the community and anyone can nominate a player, coach, contributor or team. It is your input and support that helps keep our mission alive.
Thank you for your support!
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